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Sunday, 17 September 2017



For me, the first of September marks the start of Autumn, or at least the countdown to it. Crunchy leaves, cosy scarves and steaming hot chocolates are all I'm dreaming about at the moment. I thought what better way to transtion season than to create a to-do list, here are my top 5.

*I am very aware that I'm slightly late publishing this post, oops.

 Get organised My organsiation has rapidly gone down hill the past few weeks and it's safe to say, I'm in a bit of a muddle. I've just purchased a few bits of stationary and with some hope, a diary and some sticky notes should do the job nicely. Slightly optimistic? Probably.

Getting excited for autumn With the mornings slowly becoming cooler and I've already spotted a few fallen, crisp leaves on the ground, I think it's safe to say that Autumn is just around the corner. I'm finally allowing myself to get excited for my favourite season by binge watching cosy TV shows, getting my dressing gown at the ready and splurging on all the candles possible. 

Take my skincare seriously again Recently, I have really slipped up on my skincare and started using less and less. Surprisingly, my skin hasn’t really suffered yet but I want to get back into it and put the glow back into my face. I’m on the hunt for some new moisturisers and an eye cream, so any recommendations would be perfect. I’m not one to use a lot of skincare products as I find my skin works better with as little as possible. Overdoing it on the skincare sometimes irritates my skin and makes it breakout. So, I’m on the hunt for new products and finally get in the swing of a new routine.

Begin to make halloween plans Halloween is one of my favourite times of year although I never tend to do much and usually opt for a netflix and horror film binge. This year I want to venture out and go to some sort of halloween fest. I'm also hoping to incorporate more halloweeny things on my blog and Instagram, including DIY posts and the typical makeup look or two.

Shop Some Transitional Pieces I've been contemplating adding a wishlist page to my blog  to keep log of key pieces I believe will carry us through this transitional period and if it doesn't enable you, then at least it's going to enable me. I've been on the look out for some more transitional pieces that will carry me through the colder seasons. I've been trying to add more colour but I've still got my eye on some monochrome pieces, of course.

What's at the top of your to-do list this month?

With love, Soph x 

Wednesday, 13 September 2017


I must admit that there are times when I want to write but I find myself staring at a blank page. Sometimes the struggle is real, and I feel uninspired. Writer’s block happens to even the best of us. It occurs when you are unable to write because you don’t have an idea of what to write or how to write it, or you just feel ‘blank’. Writer’s block is usually caused as a result of stress or tension, which can rob you off the inspiration to write. 

Lately, I have felt like one huge ball of stress and deflation. I'm loosing my mojo and content inspiritation so to help myself and others who are also feeling the struggle, I've put a list together of blog post ideas to hopefully spark some imagination. 


 1. Top five - 
  •  Clothing brands
  • Styling pieces for this season
  • ...products
  • Apps
  • Things you learned this week
  • Makeup brushes
  • Places to eat in...
  • Reasons to visit...
2. Products -
  • Reviews
  • Investments
  • Products you always repurchase
  • Underrated & overrated products
  • Empty products
  • Disappointing products
  • Seasonal – winter/summer beauty products
  • Pamper products
  • Products worth the splurge
  • Brand focus
  • Products you couldn’t live with out
  • Best products for when you’re in a hurry
  • The skincare saviours
  • A new release
  • Makeup collection
 3. Tutorials/Guidance -
  • The perfect nude/red lip
  • Get ready with me
  • A before & after
  • Seasonal looks
  • Beauty hacks
  • In flight beauty essentials
  • Ways to style …
  • Long lasting make up
  • The ‘no make up’ make up
  • Beauty lessons you’ve learnt along the way
  • Interior inspirations
  • City/travel
  • Starting a make up collection
  • The busy girls guide to…
  • Seasonal gift guides
  • Books reviews and recommendations
  • Best make up dupes
  • Day and night fragrances
  • Splurge or save?
  • Fake tanning
  • Workout wear
  • Seasonal trends, essentials,  transitions (make up, clothes or food)
  •  Working out at home


      4. Favourite -
      • Pinterest accounts
      • Healthy recipes
      • TV series’
      • Instagram accounts
      • Places to shop
      • High end products
      • Etsy buys
      • Street style looks
      • Drugstore & high end brands
      • Youtubers/youtube videos
      • Accesories
      • Magazines
      • Perfumes
      • Instagram accounts
      • Phone apps
      • Make up brushes
      • Workout videos
      • Monthly favourites
      • Non beauty favourites
      • Blogs/bloggers 
      5. Current -
      • Blogs your reading – share some blogger love!
      • Wishlist
      • Trending
      • What is currently inspiring you
      • Playlist
      • Currently watching – films/series
      • Style/hair etc inspiration
      • Pinterest Inspiration
      • Goals
      6. Blogging -
      • Why you started
      • Why you should start
      • Interview a blogger
      • Behind the scenes of your blog
      • Blogging goals or resolutions
      • What blogging has taught you
      • Your blogging process
      • Your blogging mistakes
      • Juggling a blog with a job
      • Blog Tips and Tricks
      • Host a giveaway
      • A guest post

      | PINTEREST |

       7. Show us your -
      • Blogging set-up
      • Room tour
      • Most used … (lipstick, eyeshadow palette…)
      • Everyday staples
      • Makeup storage
      • Day to night outfits
      • Beauty resolutions
      • Best budget discoveries
      • Best beauty tools
      • Desk 
      • MOTD
      • OOTD
      • Outift of the month
      8. What's in your - 
      • Makeup bag
      • Handbag
      • Travel make up
      • Suitcase
      • Night out make up essentials
      9. What's on your -
      • Playlist e.g gym/motivational
      •  Phone
      • Bucket list
      • Travel wish list
      10. How to -
      • Keep fit at home
      • Achieve clear skin
      • Stay organised
      • Edit your photos
      • Manage your time
      • Fall asleep more quickly
      • De-stress
      • How to style…
      • Achieve the latest makeup trend
      • Stay motivated
      • Get ready in 10 minutes
      • Have the ultimate pamper night
      • Start a blog
      • Day to night makeup
      • Style long/medium/short/curly/wavy/straight hair
      • Spring clean your wardrobe
      • Store your make up / sunglasses / jewelry
      • Overcome writers block!
      11. Routines -
      • Morning/evening
      • Skin/hair
      • Workout
      • Blogging
      • 5 minute make up
      • Everyday make up
      • The pre-night out ritual
      12. Top tips -
      • Photography
      • Blogging
      • Fitness & health
      • Improving your instagram
      • Money saving tips
      • Hair Care
      • Glowing skin
      • Getting festival ready
      • Blogging tips I wish I knew earlier
      • Makeup bag staples
      • Best skincare/make up for… 

        | PINTEREST |

        13. Idea posts -
        • Quick & easy recipes
        • Gift guides
        • Healthy snack ideas
        • Date night ideas
        • Interior inspiration
        • Staple wardrobe pieces
        • Mood boards
        • Workout essentials and classes you need to try
        14. List posts -
        • Five things that made you happy
        • Things to do when you’re bored/unmotivated/unhappy
        • Top budget beauty buys
        • Top ten under £10
        • Places you want to visit
        • Things to do for free
        • 10 life lessons
        15. Hauls -
        • The last thing you bought
        • Interior
        • Holiday beauty essentials
        • Affordable homeware
        • eBay bargains
        • New additions to your wardrobe
        • Best budget beauty buys
        • Top holiday beauty buys
        • Deals of the week
        16. Lifestyle -
        • Then & now pictures
        • What you did on the weekend
        • Review of a place
        • Places to visit in your city
        • Food diary – A week in meals
        • Day in the life
        • An experience/story you went through
        • A recent event you attended
        • 20 Unknown facts about yourself
        • Your past birthdays
        • A FAQ
        • Hairstyle journey
        • Your school experience
        • Things you’d tell your younger self
        • Guilty pleasures
        • A week in photos
        • Holiday photo diary
        •  Body confidence / The confidence boosters
        • Places you’ve traveled to
        • Best sites to procrastinate
        • Things I like to do on a Sunday
        What helps you from getting bloggers block?

        With love, 
        Soph x


          Thursday, 7 September 2017


          I love a nude as much as the next person but currently I'm all for a striking red lip. Autumn/Winter is fast approaching and although bright reds aren't always the first choice for many, this year I will be rocking them until the end. Usually, I would opt for a darker, more neutral shade of red but this season I'm all about a classic contour, simple eyes and a bold statement lipstick. 

          Admittedly, I am a slight lipstick snob. MAC is a brand I stick too and a brand I am comfortable with so venturing out was a little unusual for me. L'Oréal is a brand I've never really delved into, leaving me slightly sceptical on how well these liquid lipsticks would sit and how good the pigment would be.

          I picked up two of the Matte Lip Paints; one in the shade 'Tangerine Vertig' and the other in 'Red Actually'.
          The L'Oréal Matte Lip Paints retail at £6.99, an average price point for a high street product and of course, a fraction of the price compared to my usual MAC lipsticks.

          Tangerine Vertig; Self explanatory. The perfect orangey-tinged red.

          Red Actually; A bold red, likeness almost resembles a hot-pink in certain lighting.

          L'Oréal, my friend, you did pretty damn well.

          The slanted teardrop shaped applicator allows for precise application, not to mention the mousse-like consistency allowing the product to glide on the lip with ease.
          To my surprise, the bleed was extremely minimal and I could scoff my face and drink happily without the constant need of re-applying. The pigment of the lipstick is daring and does not fade easily, although I would always advise you to use a lip liner regardless of how well the product doesn't budge.
          However, I did notice that the lipstick doesn't dry entirely matte for a while, well what felt like an eternity. I don't find this to be too much of an issue as I did find it to be smudge-proof and when it did eventually mattify, the product didn't dry out my lips or become flaky.


          Overall, I adore these lipsticks and I can not wait to purchase more. 'Tangerine Vertig' is my absolute favourite lipstick at the moment. Move over MAC, L'oreal I'm coming for you.

          | 'Tangerine Vertig |
          Keep a look out for a lip selfie or two on my Instagram; @SOPHLOUISEP

          Have you tried the L'Oréal Lip Paints? What are your thoughts?

          With love, Soph x

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