Friday, 5 October 2018


Anxiety can strike when you least expect it and unfortunately, for many of us it's not something that we can control. I always find that having small daily rituals/routines can help me cope and ease myself into a calmer state of mind.

Anxiety can come in several forms and effect people in different ways. Today I won't be sharing my story as I will be writing a whole post about this shortly. Although, I do want to share a few generalised tips which I sincerely hope will help some of you in one way or another.

Personally, giving myself structure and sticking to it is a sort of coping mechanism. If my day is a mess, my mind struggles to handle it and that's when I tend to feel overwhelmed and stressed which can then possibly cause myself to have a panic attack and make myself poorly.

As I mentioned, everyone suffers differently and that's completely fine. Having structure may not help everyone but for myself, a routine can perform wonders.  What works for me might not necessarily work for someone else. 


 Starting your morning optimistically and with an open-mind is important. If you begin your day in a negative mindset, you're not going to have a productive, positive day. 
When you wake up, you need to immediately get your mind prepared for the day. I tend to set my alarm 10 minutes earlier than I normally would and either watch a quick YouTube video or write in my diary. Sounds a little cliche I guess but it works.
Other mornings I open my blinds, lie in bed, and try to simply put myself in a positive mindset for the day. I think of all the positive things that will come of the day or about an exciting trip or an occasion I have to look forward too.
Hop into the shower and prepare for the day. It’s always important to have breakfast, eat natural foods like fruits and vegetables and try to eat healthy and clean. Nobody's perfect but I try to eat the best foods when and where possible. I also enjoy a good green tea in the mornings. Also, don't skip meals and try to above sugar and caffeine, especially first thing.


Adapt to this point as you please. Some day's I'll dot down weekly to-do lists. Other days, I write in a notepad. But having a place to write down your daily to-dos and all the other things that might be giving you anxiety is essential if you want to help manage the annoying niggles and busy thoughts.

Sometimes just looking at your to-do list will give you anxiety, but you need to ask yourself, what’s the worst that can happen if you don’t tackle everything on it? Nine times out of ten it’s this little reminder that everything will be OK in the end that will help you tackle your to-dos and stay in control of your workload.


It’s so important to exercise, not only does it have a positive physical affect but it's does wonders for your mental state too. However you wish to do so. For me, I go to the gym four times a weeks, usually after work and then first thing on the weekends.
Exercising will help you sleep well, too.  Working up a sweat makes you strive to be 'better' and helps you to combat that days anxiety.
One tip to keep yourself motivated is to dress in your workout gear as soon as you come home. Don’t give yourself a chance to sit and slob out on the couch. Although..I hardly ever abide by this so oops heheheheheh.
Ensure you're eating drinking and drinking plenty of water. Although it's probably the most obvious, it's probably the best piece of advise I could give to my fellow anxious people; if you look good and see progress, you will feel good too.


In the evening have a nice balanced dinner, drink a cup of chamomile and lavender tea (hmm this was OK, I tried this once and I much prefer green tea but drinkable) which will naturally relax you, and get yourself into the evening routine. Take a nice shower and get into a relaxing state of mind. I've recently purchased some lavender pulse point oil and I spritz my bed with lavender spray to get me into a relaxing state of mind, which is a great tip for bringing a sense of calmness and tranquillity  into the room.
I'm still in the process of creating my perfect evening routine but I will get there and of course, I'll be sharing it all with you shortly.
Ideally, I need a few books to read before bed so any recommendations are welcome and of course, will be sharing it with you all. Currently, I use as many candles as possible and steer away from using my phone and laptop right before bedtime. I usually listen to some soothing music and write in my diary or write up my to-do list for the following day. This helps me  creates a sense of inner peace and calm before I go to sleep.
I sincerely hope this can help a few of you and how to set your mindset into having a less anxious filled day. These were just a few of the basics that help me, although I will be writing more in-depth posts shortly as I want to make my blog a main focal point for all things mental health and 'me'.
Thankyou for stopping by.
With love,Soph x

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