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Sunday, 11 November 2018


If you haven't realised by now, looking after our mental state and finding anxiety coping mechanisms is a big vocal point on my blog. Freeing up an evening or a Sunday afternoon for a bit of you time is extremely important and should be a vital aspect in your weekly routine. Self-care days don't just need to occur after a rubbish day in the office or a fall-out with friends, a moment to yourself is always necessary under any circumstance, good or bad. Many assume that treating yourself to that new eyeshadow pallet or an all expenses trip away might do the trick but in actual fact there are many simple but effective ways to take care of yourself without breaking the bank, or in many cases, spending a penny. 
Today I have put together an extremely brief list of what I find the most relaxing and mind easing during a self-care moment - See this post as a reminder that sometimes it's the little things that create the most calm and take very little effort.

  • Going for a walk - Clear your head and feel ready to seize the day
  • Meditating - A new one for me but using the HeadSpace app is a great place to start
  • Making a cup of tea - What can't a good old cuppa solve? Or a whipped cream, marshmallow filled hot chocolate
  • Lighting a candle - I love a good scented one, plus they can really change the atmosphere and create a sense of calm
  • Having a hot bath - This one usually includes a Lush bath bomb or two. Oh, and lots of bubbles
  • No makeup days - Eases the pressure off and often prevents the "I CAN'T FIND MY RIGHT LASH" drama
  • Getting lost in a book - I'm making a large attempt to become a bookworm in the new year. All suggestions are welcome
  • Listening to my favourite songs - **PLAYS 90'S POP PLAYLIST** And dances around room, wearing nothing but underwear
  • Eating better - It's simple. Eat good, feel good. You don't need to change your whole diet, perhaps just incorporate more fruit and veg
  • Turning my phone off - Just for an hour or so. Take a step back from social media for a while, it can work wonders, believe me
  • Pampering myself - A face mask and some moustache hair removal usually works some magic
  • Get arty - Adapt this how you wish. For me, blogging and photography is my favourite way to unwind
  • Watch my favourite YouTubers/Podcast - Usually a motivational video/audio really helps to put me into the right mindset.  

What small self-care rituals do you find useful?

With love,
Soph x
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