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Sunday, 22 April 2018


It's so easy to get caught up in how society tells us to feel about ourselves and our own crushing self doubts that we often forget how amazing we are. We're constantly telling ourselves that we're not good/thin/pretty/talented enough, when in reality we're all beautiful and each have our own unique qualities that make us so special. I want to inspire each of you reading this to completely fall in love with yourselves starting right this very moment, no changes necessary and believe me, it's a constant work in progress.
Here are 7 gentle ways you can start taking care of your precious selves. 

Learn to find the beauty in every moment.

Start taking notice of all the little beautiful moments throughout your day. Buy a small notebook/journal you can keep with you at all times, and throughout the day write down little things that you're thankful for or that stick in your mind as being special. Jot down your favourite, most uplifting quotes, scribble a description of a scenic view you miss, take note of a recipe that you're eager to recreate. Saving these moments keeps them special and allows you to look back over them and all the beautiful things you've been able to experience.

Stop comparing.

In this day and age where 90% of our lives can be perfectly photographed and sapped on the internet for the whole world to see, it's really hard to not compare yourself and your life to other people's. Trust me, I've been guilty of this several times. 
Admittedly, I'm known to be an avid Instagram scroller which then results in me coming away from it feeling a little blue; my photography skills are poor, my taste in fashion is average and the fact that I am never going to be earning enough to buy myself a dreamy Chanel bag. 
The truth is, comparing ourselves to those we follow on social media gets us nowhere and just puts us into a negative mood. We need to learn to be happy with ourselves and who we are, and realise that we are doing just as good as everyone we see online. 

Go ahead and treat yo self. 

Swooning over a killer pair of heels? Buy them. Craving that big fat Indian takeaway? Order it. Thinking about plurging on a new lipstick? Get it.
A couple times a month, treat yourself to something you've really been wanting. It can be anything, big or small, just remember to remind yourself that you're splurging on this because you deserve it.

Let it go.

There are probably a bunch of things that you've been holding on to for a while. Maybe you didn't get that promotion at work, or a friendship you had invested a lot of time in fell apart. Maybe you're having a really hard time getting through your school work o career. 
Whatever it may be, you have to learn to let it go. In fact, you've got to learn to let go of anything that's holding you back or causing you o doubt yourself. Realise that you're not perfect and that mistakes are an expected part of life. As long as you learn from them and become better, you're doing wonderfully.
Whatever has been weighing heavy on your mind, free yourself from it and let go. Forgive yourself, give permission to have a fresh start and believer that you can achieve anything you work towards.
You've got this.

Do something you love every day.

Allowing yourself to take time every day to do something you love is a very important way to practice self-love. There are some thins in life that we have to deal with, no matter how much we hate them, so giving yourself some balance by indulging in things you love, like a hobby or some time to relax, is super important and will make you happier and less stressed.

Give yourself a pep talk.

This one might feel really silly the first time you do it, but just trust me and get through any giggles. Stand in front of your bathroom or bedroom mirror, and give yourself a little pep talk.
If you've been feeling down about something or have been dealing with low self-confidence, talk yourself through it. Look at the person in the mirror and understand your worth.
I do this all the time and honestly, I believe a little self motivation can help you make the step to achieve a lot. 
Baby steps.

Spend time with your spirit.

Whether you're a spiritual/religious person or not, I am not for reference, taking a little time every day to do whatever nourishes your spirit can be a great way to show yourself some love. Maybe it's reading your religions bible or meditating or in my case, listening to some music that means something to you...whatever it is, take some time each day to get in touch with your emotions and your inner self.

Woah, we were starting to get a little deep there wasn't we.

What habits do you practice to take care of yourself?
With love, Soph x

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