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Sunday, 18 November 2018


It's the most wonderful time of the year. And, almost the most stressful. Today, I'm sharing a few of my top tips on how you can benefit the most from the upcoming Black Friday sales to help you save some money in the lead up to the special day. Happy spending, hehehhehe.

Start your shopping now.

Although Black Friday isn't officially until the 23rd of November, many of the sales have already started. My advice - in order for you to bag the best pieces, begin your spree now! Some stores can be cheeky and will slowly increase their discounts throughout the week and once it surpasses 20% for example, all the good bits are already sold out. So, if you're lusting after something hard, don't wait.

Ensure you set a budget.

Unfortunately, for many of us Black Friday falls a week or so prior to November payday. Ugh, I'm already hating the sight of my post-23rd bank balance. So, it's extremely important to set yourself a budget to ensure you have enough for bills etc. in the lead up to payday. Believe me, I hate restricting myself but ya girl does not want to be eating pot noodles for a week..

Subscribe to alerts.

Text alerts. App alerts. Email alerts. You name it! Be the first in the know and bag your bargains earlier than anyone who isn't subscribed. It's a necessity in my books.

Check for cheaper alternatives.

Nowadays, many stores stock very similar pieces so ensure you always browse alternative stores before you purchase. The bigger the discount, the better *obviously*. For example, online retailers such as PLT and Boohoo are owned by the same people meaning they often sell like-for-like clothing from the same warehouses/manufacturers, although may still be offering difference discounts. Do your research!

Prepare yourself for the chaos. 

If you're brave enough to venue out of the safety of your own home this BlackFriday then you'll need to prepare for the madness of what is going to be utter chaos, I can assure you. Be mindful of long ques and plenty of shoving. Have your list at the ready and try to restrict yourself by only going into  the shops you need too. Dress for comfort and try to avoid the changing rooms where possible. If you can avoid in-store shopping, then do! If anything, I find online shopping more beneficial and easier to view everything all from the comfort of my sofa. 

Create yourself the ultimate shopping list.

I'd advise using the note section in your phone - the last thing you want is to be endlessly searching for that piece of paper at the bottom of your bag. Create yourself a list of what you need to buy. The most simple tip but without question, the most effective one. Create a list of the items your lusting after and a list of the Christmas presents you need to buy. If you haven't already started your Christmas shopping, now is the time to do so. Taking screenshots of the items you want is also a really useful idea.

Let Shoptagr be your bestie.

If you haven't already heard of Shoptagr firstly, where have you been? And secondly, you need to get to know. It's my most used app on my phone and desktop so when I tell you it's a life saver  - IT'SA LIFE SAVER OKUUUR. Shoptagr is your ultimate shopping pal. It enables you to create wishlists and will notify you of any price changes, if an item goes out of stock and when it comes back into stock. What isn't there to love? You can get notified via email or through the app/desktop version. It also means that you can browse all the items you're lusting after from one page. Simplicity at it's finest. 
More information can be found here.

Here a few style pieces I'm hoping to bag this upcoming week.
Bye bye money, helloooooo new wardrobe.

Remember, it's not just clothes that are getting discounted - beauty and electrical/homeware goods are also going down in price! Keep your eyes peeled.

I hope this makes Black Friday a little less overwhelming for you

With love,
 Soph x

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